Local florist or supermarket – Which place is better to buy flowers?

We all saw the beautiful colorful bouquets in our local supermarkets. They are usually placed in strategically important locations in the store and spontaneously addressed to the buyer. These flowers are fully flowered and grouped in attractive groups that can be very tempting. The question is: are these flowers cheap?


The flowers sold in most supermarkets may be different from those bought from the Flower store near me. Often, the flowers of the supermarkets are a lower quality flower that the quality flower manufacturer selects from high-quality florists. These flowers sell in supermarkets and other stores at a reduced price. In many cases, the flowers in the supermarket are not given adequate attention and management when received by these retail giants. Cut flowers should be properly cared for and treated, or their lifespan in the vase can get significantly reduced. After treatment and cleansing, freshly cut flowers should keep at a temperature of 38-40 degrees to extend pot life.


Ethylene gas is produced by all plants, fruits, and flowers when they mature. The higher the ethylene gas, the faster the fruits ripen, the plants and the cut flowers die. It is very important that cut flowers are stored and exposed to as little ethylene gas as possible. I visited all my local supermarkets and found that they processed most of their flowers and showed them in the cubes or open coolers in the product department. When flowers get stored near the ripening product, the shelf life in the jar shortens for several days. It is a proven fact.

You will find that most “florist near me” produce their flowers with strict quality standards. The fresh flowers get quickly decompressed at the reception, cut and placed in a preservative solution. The flowers are then allowed to drink for several hours at room temperature before being cooled at a controlled temperature. Most florists hold flowers in closed coolers at a constant temperature of 38 degrees. Often, these coolers have ethylene gas filters to keep the ethylene gas content as low as possible.

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