Every one of us cannot defy the aroma and beauty of a rose flower. Rose flowers are not easy to grow, but anyone can start rose gardening in the convenience of their own home.

So, to make sure your most valuable roses are in the red or pink of their health, read on the following tips on how to deal with rose flower health perplexity:

Black spots on foliage

This is disease is normally called black spot. They occur in circular shapes with fringed edge on the leaves. They make the leaves turn yellow the solution is to eliminated the infected leaves and gather any fallen leaves around the plant. You can also use artificial sprays to treat this disease.

Distorted and stunted young canes

This disease is known as powdery mildew. It not only covers the leaves, but also the buds and the stems with wind swept white powder. It makes the leaves roll and turn purple

Injured underside of leaves

This is a disease known as rust. It is normally features orange-red blisters that turn black during fall. And in spring, they sprout. The disease can also survive winter. The best thing to do is to get rid of the infected leaves in the fall.

 Stunted or malformed flowers and leaves

The cause of this condition is the occurrence of spider mites. They are tiny red, yellow or green spiders on the lower part of the foliage. They suck juice from the foliage.

Blotched and weak leaves with small white webs under them

The cause of this perplexity may be aphids. They are very small soft bodied creatures that are usually green, brown or red in color. Sometimes, they gather under flower buds or leaves. They also suck juices from leaves and delicate buds from plants.

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